Jared Serge

Team member since 2009, Jared has provided laser like provisions to our coding work force. With credentials such as majoring in computer science at UCLA Jared is enthusiastic and motivated to continue to create great projects for the team.

Amy Funkhouser

One of the co-founders of Lose Gaming Amy works to find the latest and most trending video game related scoops out there. She provides support through management, promotion, and program development with credentials such as an Engineering major at USC. She continues to work to this day as the grind never stops.

Our team strives to create working CSS video game hacks for everyone within our industry.

Lose Gaming has been around for awhile dating back to 2007, we enjoy creating and solving problems us hackers have. With all the new security newer video games utilize it’s no wonder finding properly working generators, coin engines, and cheat engine editors are extremely hard to find. We actively will try to solve this by providing you only the best. 

All bout that gaming news baby!

We always got the latest scoop! Follow us to stay updated on all the lastest and greatest news involving new games and pro level competition.

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