Movie Star Planet Finally a WORKING Starcoins Generator (2019) Unbelievable

How to Generate Free Starcoins for Movie Star Planet FAST?

Movie Star Planet has been a game for kids and teenagers that has grown massively throughout the years. In the past the only effective way to get starcoins was to buy vip membership and accumulate the massive amount of free starcoins they give you. But membership is way too expensive and you’ll even have to pay more if you want to keep your vip membership. Those days are long gone as we have developed a python script that will enable you to upload as MANY free starcoins as you want straight into your account.

So how am I suppose to get these free starcoins on MSP?

Here’s the link but please keep reading for further instructions. These starcoins will be legitimately pulled from their servers and not some fake client side cheat engine type hack. Here are the steps you are going to need to follow.

Step by Step process on how to get these Starcoins

First off you need to go to this link right here. This is where we keep the interface for the script to pull starcoins directly from MSP’s databases. It’s extremely easy to follow as we have made it user friendly for anyone of any age to be able to use.

Once you’re on the website you’re going to see two different boxes, one requiring a username for obvious reasons (So the script knows what account to upload the free starcoins to) and another box that’s going to ask for what platform your are currently on. So if you’re on your computer choose desktop and if you’re on your phone choose mobile. (We made this movie star planet hack mobile friendly so enjoy)

Now on the next screen after you hit the confirm button, it’s going to ask for the chosen starcoins value. (how many you wish to get) There’s going to be a couple different options on the box drop down which is anywhere between 1,000 and 50,000 starcoins. I would personally start low just so that it doesn’t raise any suspicion. After selecting your chosen amount click on “Confirm settings”.

Now you’re going to see a live action protocol console box that’ll show you the hack working. This will take no time at all.

Last Step for your free MSP Starcoins

Once the script is 95% completed it’ll ask you to verify your humanity. This is to prevent the system from being abused and ultimately from being patched. Click on the button and it’ll pull up some offers you can do to unlock the script. I recommend going on your phone as it is easier. If the script doesn’t unlock immediately try some other offers as some of them could be glitched.

Congratulations, after everything is said and done the starcoins will be uploaded to your chosen account with the designated amount you chose. Please note it could take anywhere between 2 minutes to 24 hours for them to be uploaded but they will show up guaranteed if you did everything right. 


Long story short they exist but are extremely hard to create more or less share it with anyone. We hate people that don’t share to the community and it pisses us off too. These programs have the same tech those guys hide and we’ll keep updating the exploits/hacks through all patches.

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