League of Legends the REAL way to get FREE RP 2019

Free Riot Points/FREE RP

How does one get free rp? League of legends is a game collecting the hearts of millions since 2009, since then a common problem occurs throughout everyones playing experience. How do you get skins?!? More Importantly how do you get the rp to buy these skins. It has always costed a fortune to purchase to buy skins at a price point of around 10 dollars a skin, that’ll be sure to break the bank. Thankfully we’ve developed a generator that’ll bypass league of legends hard iron CSS security systems.

How to get these rp points?

These Riot Points can used for anything in the league of legends store that requires rp. All of this can be easily with ONLY your username. No account access (your password) necessary. The system only needs a location to deliver said RP as how Jared, our lead software script designer, has designed it. Here’s the link. To prevent abuse you must do an offer that the application forces you to do. This is standard. 

Step by Step

First step is you want to find a working rp generator also called a riot points generator. We have that for you right here. https://www.riotpointscheater.com/

Secondly, You’re going going to be asked to input your username, just input it, sometimes you must risk it for the biscuit.

Thirdly, the generator is going to ask if you would like to use a proxy. The answer to that is YES! If you would like for your location to be protected from Riot Games servers then you must turn the proxy on. This will also prevent ip bans from the free rp uploading to your account.

Fourthly, Choose how many riot points you would like to receive from the riot points generator right under the proxy box. These amounts will be in the same decimals buying riot points normally straight from riot games to prevent even further suspicion. 

Your now going to see the a screen with the CSS script working its magic, please be patient as it takes a bit of time for the system to load everything up. Once it’s nearly completed you’ll be asked to authenticate your humanity. Please just do it and stop being lazy. If you want to get free riot points you’re going to have to spend a little bit of your time, I’m sorry. After you’ve completed the offer (some might be glitched so try other ones) the script will send the riot points to your account. (Uploading the rp can take 10 minutes to 10 hours so be patient!)

Last Step

Congratulations, you’ve come this far and now you’re ready to collect the fruits of your labor. What must you do now? Wait and enjoy your free rp. Remember this could easily take 10 minutes to 10 hours so please be patient and if it doesn’t unlock for try another offer (try some of the easier ones, they tend to work more consistently.)


Long story short they exist but are extremely hard to create more or less share it with anyone. We hate people that don’t share to the community and it pisses us off too. These programs have the same tech those guys hide and we’ll keep updating the exploits/hacks through all patches.

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